Anti-Bullying week begins today, 13th November 2017, conveniently today is also National Kindness day. An event has been held this afternoon at Alexandra Palace, to spread the awareness, gain insight and create preventions for bullying. Blackpool will also be hosting later this week. 63% of young people have been bullied at school, 61% of staff see bullying attached to racism, 44% of staff see bullying attatched to poverty, these statistics have been conducted by The Diana Award, and the aim is to have these statistics lowered so that bullying is an unheard of term.

Today at London’s Alexandra Palace, Anti-Bullying week commences with many faces showing support from the likes of Dominic Sherwood, Monica Lewinsky, Cel Spelman, Holly Branson, Louis Payne, Kate Thistleton, Carrie Grant, Molly Rainford and Bars&Melody. Along with a panel debate with Nick Gibb (Minister for Schools), Facebook and Supercell.¬† As-well as the names and faces mentioned there will also be over 600 ambassadors aged between 5-18 who will be participating in a day of hands on activity. The hundreds of attendees at todays event all have the same intentions and no matter their age or background, are all fighting the battle against bullying.

The Diana Award runs the UKs Leading anti-bullying campaign, helping those suffering with anything persisted by bullying, directly or indirectly. The Diana Award creates such a broad outlook for how bullying can effect you that  you cant go unsupported. There are also endless ways in which you can help, from buying an anti-bullying wristband, to becoming an ambassador and speaking on what you believe in.

Today’s event was sponsored by Facebook, The Department for Education, Asos, CBBC, Supercell, Zurich and Blackpool Council. With the help of these sponsors, the event was able to be a success and anti-bullying can be more than just one week in our calendars.



Sam Meegan