For those familiar with our work you’ll know that we work closely with a wide range of celebrities and famous faces; from Hollywood stars and sports people, to on-trend stars and social media influencers.

One such famous face that we’ve worked with numerous times is Brooklyn Beckham, who recently collaborated with luxury water brand LIFEWTR. The collaboration saw Brooklyn pose with the product and three men in Brazilian jui-jitsu outfits. The image was posted on Brooklyn’s Instagram page where he commands an audience of almost 11 million. LIFEWTR is a socially conscious water brand that looks to inspire people through art, launching various campaigns and initiatives to inspire schools and young people and helping to equip classrooms with kits.

Brooklyn accompanied the post with “Feeling #more inspired after an amazing #bjj session! Thank you chaps @lifewtr #sponsored”

Though the post was sponsored, it’s a really good example of how powerful influencers can be, especially when they talk to an engaged audience who trust them as an ambassador. We’ve seen countless examples of celebrity influencers giving a real boost to campaigns we’ve worked on, directly engaging with their audience and raising awareness of the cause we’re talking about.

We don’t pay celebrities or social influencers to post about our campaigns, we rely on the strength of our relationships and the time we take in constructing the right ask but the results are always worth the time and effort! Our advice would be to consider building in a celebrity engagement piece as part of any campaign – it’s not always possible but its certainly worth considering.


Sam Meegan