A Royal Gift

A number of charities have received an early wedding present from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the couple have asked guests to make a donation to charity as their wedding present.

The announcement, made through Kensington Palace today, shared the news that Meghan and Harry have selected a number of organisations and causes they are passionate about, though are not personally connected to in any formal capacity.

The lucky charities include; CHIVA (Children’s HIV Association), Crisis, the Myna Mahila Foundation, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, StreetGames, Surfers Against Sewage and The Wilderness Foundation UK.

It’s clear from the list that these charities reflect causes that both Harry and Meghan have a personal interest in, spanning issues such as women’s empowerment, ecological and environmental, mental health and military rehabilitation and support.

As with last weeks post about Ricky Gervais and his innovative charity fundraising through his tour, it’s really great to see Prince Harry and Ms. Markle using their profile and situation to share the goodwill and generosity of guests and the public.

This gesture also proves that charity fundraising can be built into a celebration as part of life, it doesn’t have to exist in isolation!

Why We Do It

EastofEden is three years old and what a three years we’ve had!

Our work has taken us from Wimbledon to Wembley, from Vauxhall to Vietnam, from Camden to Cannes and from Yorkshire to New York – every year we’ve expanded our horizons, tried new things and made plenty of new friends along the way. Year three has been no different!

In the last year we’ve started a new charity chat, The Breakfast Club: London, welcoming charities from across the capital and the country to come and discuss the latest issues facing the sector, we’ve launched a new department, we’ve worked with lots of new clients and continued our close working relationship with existing clients too.

What keeps us going and keeps us growing is the knowledge that no matter what challenges we face, our work is benefiting some amazing charities and organisations that work directly with people in genuine need. Whether it’s a health charity raising awareness about a condition or an organisation that promotes community ventures or internationally recognised fundraising and volunteering movements, we know that at the end of the day our work has helped make a difference to those organisations and they, in turn, have made positive impacts on people’s lives.

This is a belief that we’ll continue to work with and why we feel so privileged to work with the clients we do.

Here’s to the new three years!


Brooklyn Beckham and LIFEWTR

For those familiar with our work you’ll know that we work closely with a wide range of celebrities and famous faces; from Hollywood stars and sports people, to on-trend stars and social media influencers.

One such famous face that we’ve worked with numerous times is Brooklyn Beckham, who recently collaborated with luxury water brand LIFEWTR. The collaboration saw Brooklyn pose with the product and three men in Brazilian jui-jitsu outfits. The image was posted on Brooklyn’s Instagram page where he commands an audience of almost 11 million. LIFEWTR is a socially conscious water brand that looks to inspire people through art, launching various campaigns and initiatives to inspire schools and young people and helping to equip classrooms with kits.

Brooklyn accompanied the post with “Feeling #more inspired after an amazing #bjj session! Thank you chaps @lifewtr #sponsored”

Though the post was sponsored, it’s a really good example of how powerful influencers can be, especially when they talk to an engaged audience who trust them as an ambassador. We’ve seen countless examples of celebrity influencers giving a real boost to campaigns we’ve worked on, directly engaging with their audience and raising awareness of the cause we’re talking about.

We don’t pay celebrities or social influencers to post about our campaigns, we rely on the strength of our relationships and the time we take in constructing the right ask but the results are always worth the time and effort! Our advice would be to consider building in a celebrity engagement piece as part of any campaign – it’s not always possible but its certainly worth considering.

Football and Charity #2

In the second part of our look at the relationship between football and charity, we’ve focused on Football for Peace (FfP), an organisation that aims to bring peace and inspire a culture of better understanding between communities through the vehicle of football.

FfP works on several levels or promote social harmony in the UK and around the world. One of the most eye-catching initiatives is ‘Cities for Peace’.  Using football as the common factor, young people from a wide range of communities, faiths and backgrounds are invited to take part in a course that both empowers and also teaches them core life skills. The backdrop for this is an opportunity to mix with young people from different backgrounds, helping to break down social barriers between communities. At the end of the course, the young ‘graduate’ and become Football for Peace Ambassadors.

The skills learnt (in leadership, organisational, communication and planning skills) are used to design and host football tournaments for other local young people.

Outside of this work, FfP also organises Peace Matches, often featuring famous faces and former footballers, who will take on an invited team(s) – this is a great way of spreading the brand messages of FfP and gaining credibility in new areas.

What we really like about the work FfP undertakes is that it has a real grassroots feel to it, working in the communities that need help and making a real difference to young people’s lives, yet, they still plan big look to engage supporters on a brand level also.

If you’d like to check out a really inspiring story for Birmingham – City for Peace, click on the picture below.

Football and Charity

Around 11 million people play football in the UK every week, making up 119,000 teams in more than 12,000 leagues, reaching every corner and culture of the country. We get used to seeing football as a game of allegiances, whether that’s the traditional Sunday morning pub team or the local (and sometimes not-so-local) professional team, but what can be forgotten is the impact football has away from being a simple spectacle.


Whether it’s a professional club’s Foundation, their community engagement programmes or an independent organisation using football as a vehicle to make a difference; football as a sport and a movement is in a unique position to change lives for the better in the UK.

Over the next week we’ll be looking at three organisations that are using football as a vehicle for change, starting with Footie With Dad, an organisation that encourages the strengthening of the carer-child relationship through a shared enjoyment of football.

Footie With Dad was founded by a dad whose son faced serious medical complications from birth. His dream was to take his son to watch a football match and share the unique bond that this occasion can create. The role of FWD is simple, encourage more parents/grandparents/guardians to explore and create this bond with a child in their life. As a relatively new charity, founded in 2017, FWD currently encourages people to share their stories and experiences, mainly through social media, as a way of inspiring others. The charity is being interviewed on Radio Five Live later today and we’ll be tuning in to hear more about what they’re planning for the future.

Next up, we’ll be looking at Football for Peace and how they use football to empower young people, break down conflicts and encourage social cohesion across the UK and the world.

WE Day 2018

Yesterday was the fifth edition of We Day UK take place at Wembley Arena. The event celebrated the amazing achievements of young people and schools from across the UK who have been involved in the WE movement – a global, volunteering-led, youth-empowerment movement that benefits local and global causes.

At EastofEden, we’re used to working at all kinds of hours on projects around the world, delivering amazing events for fantastic causes, however, there’s something really special about being part of an event so close to home, seeing the delight on the faces of 12,000 young people as they arrive, full of excitement at the day ahead.

Rewind 36 hours and we were hard at work with the WE team, talking over final plans, arrangements for talent arrivals, red carpet logistics (well, blue carpet, this is WE Day after all!), and media accreditation, followed by pre-event site walks, blue carpet run-throughs and a media logistics tour of the venue.

As event day arrived we were up at 3:30am in the rain, ready to oversee the installation of the blue carpet, marquees, move some barriers around and get the site in shape for talent, media and the event attendees. All set, signed off and ready to go, it was time to register the media and get everyone in place for the talent to arrive.

7th March 2018
WE Day UK held at SSE Arena Wembley, Arena Square, Engineers Way, London.
Here: Lily Collins
Credit: Justin Goff/goffphotos.com

Talent in, media happy and interviews with talent and young people involved in WE, well underway, the event went off without a hitch. The audience was treated to performances and speeches from the likes of Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Lily Collins, Alexandra Burke, Holly Branson and Katie Piper, with hot topics of conversation including; female empowerment, living fearlessly and supporting your peers.

7th March 2018
WE Day UK held at SSE Arena Wembley, Arena Square, Engineers Way, London.
Here: Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
Credit: Justin Goff/goffphotos.com

Speaking of WE Day, Nick Ede, CEO of EastofEden said;

It’s such a special event; there’s so much positivity in the room and the atmosphere is infectious. It’s great to see so many smiling faces celebrating some remarkable achievements and spreading such a positive and inclusive message. We always love being part of WE Day and its always a highlight in our calendar.”

A long, yet truly rewarding and inspiring day came to an end and we can’t wait for WE Day 2019!

If you’d like to find out more about WE Day please click here and if you’d like to hear more about how EastofEden was involved, please get in touch!

7th March 2018
WE Day UK held at SSE Arena Wembley, Arena Square, Engineers Way, London.
Here: Princess Beatrice and Holly Branson
Credit: Justin Goff/goffphotos.com

Time’s Up

We are back in the office today after having a lovely time over Christmas with family, friends and loved ones and what better way to start the new year than with this new strong, powerful campaign…

Emma Stone and Natalie Portman are just two of hundreds of leading Hollywood women backing a new campaign to tackle sexual harassment.

Aiming to address the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential, this campaign follows on from the #MeToo movement, which encouraged victims to speak out in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.

Stone and Portman join other notable names including: Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep and Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer behind popular television series Grey’s Anatomy.

To mark the launch of the campaign, the group published an open letter on a full page advert in The New York Times and Spanish-language newspaper LA Opinion to the letter is a response to 700,000 farm workers who penned their own letter of solidarity in November.

Time’s Up will advocate for legislation to tackle workplace harassment across the US and is also backing a movement for women to wear black at this Sunday’s Golden Globes, in solidarity with those who have been harassed.

Global Gift Gala London 2017


On Saturday 18th November, the 8th annual Global Gift Gala London, with honorary chair Eva Longoria Bastón took place at the Corinthia Hotel, London, the Gala, compered by TV legend Konnie Huq with performances from internationally acclaimed soprano Seia Lee, Britain’s Got Talent winner, Tokio Myers, Heather Small, singer/songwriter Steve Edwards and many more.

The Global Gift Gala is a unique international initiative from the Global Gift Foundation, a charity founded by Maria Bravo that is dedicated to philanthropic events worldwide; to help raise funds and make a difference towards children and women across the globe.

This year organisations set to benefit from the gala include The Global Gift Foundation, The Eva Longoria Foundation, which focuses on women’s education and entrepreneurship; and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity which helps fund the hospital’s most urgent needs and supports  seriously ill children treated at the hospital.

Dame Joan Collins was presented with the Global Gift Philanthropic Award in recognition of her philanthropic and professional accomplishments.  The award was created to recognise outstanding individuals who have distinguished themselves through exceptional philanthropic service, activism, and whose accomplishments are consistent with the goals of the Global Gift Foundation.

The other award winner on the evening was international soul and RnB singing superstar Maxwell. He received an award for his philanthropic work over many years.

It was such a fantastic evening and over £400K was raised – Victoria Beckham even helped raise £20K by taking off her shoes and earrings that she was wearing and putting them up for auction, along with her matching clutch bag!

We already can’t wait for next year!  But first, we have the Global Gift Gala in Dubai….

‘All Different – All Equal’

Anti-Bullying week begins today, 13th November 2017, conveniently today is also National Kindness day. An event has been held this afternoon at Alexandra Palace, to spread the awareness, gain insight and create preventions for bullying. Blackpool will also be hosting later this week. 63% of young people have been bullied at school, 61% of staff see bullying attached to racism, 44% of staff see bullying attatched to poverty, these statistics have been conducted by The Diana Award, and the aim is to have these statistics lowered so that bullying is an unheard of term.

Today at London’s Alexandra Palace, Anti-Bullying week commences with many faces showing support from the likes of Dominic Sherwood, Monica Lewinsky, Cel Spelman, Holly Branson, Louis Payne, Kate Thistleton, Carrie Grant, Molly Rainford and Bars&Melody. Along with a panel debate with Nick Gibb (Minister for Schools), Facebook and Supercell.  As-well as the names and faces mentioned there will also be over 600 ambassadors aged between 5-18 who will be participating in a day of hands on activity. The hundreds of attendees at todays event all have the same intentions and no matter their age or background, are all fighting the battle against bullying.

The Diana Award runs the UKs Leading anti-bullying campaign, helping those suffering with anything persisted by bullying, directly or indirectly. The Diana Award creates such a broad outlook for how bullying can effect you that  you cant go unsupported. There are also endless ways in which you can help, from buying an anti-bullying wristband, to becoming an ambassador and speaking on what you believe in.

Today’s event was sponsored by Facebook, The Department for Education, Asos, CBBC, Supercell, Zurich and Blackpool Council. With the help of these sponsors, the event was able to be a success and anti-bullying can be more than just one week in our calendars.


MTV Staying Alive 2017

On the 8th November 2017 MTV Staying Alive took control of 100 Wardour Street, Soho, and welcomed the red carpet guests who came to show their support for an amazing cause. MTV Staying Alive is an international charity organization that spreads awareness and raises funds that directly support young people suffering from the devastating cycle of HIV.

Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of MTV Staying Alive has seen a change and decrease when it comes to the statistics relating to HIV but cannot ignore the change still needed to make a real difference, especially surrounding young people. With the help of the sponsors (Air New Zealand, Michaela Frankovo, Kiehls and Absolut Elyx) this Soho event was made possible, and the charity was able to host an influential night.

Leona Lewis, ambassador for MTV Staying Alive, played an up-close and personal live set for guests as well as speaking on the devastating effects this cruel disease can have. Alongside Leona, Laura Whitmore (also an ambassador) hosted the Soho event and welcomed many other notable guests. Love Island’s Montana Brown, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, along with fashion stylist Kyle De Volle and model Pietro Boselli all turned out to give their support for the worthy charity event.

MTV Staying Alive – Gala held at 100 Wardour Street, 100 Wardour Street, London.
Here: Leona Lewis

A luxury three course meal, accompanied by cocktails at reception was just one of the special components for the guests. There was a live auction with nameless items including designer steals, and later performances South London based Arlissa. Staying Alive began a infamous week of music in London, with the EMAs shortly after as well as ITVs Gala. With so much influence in attendance there was no doubt this gala was to be a success.

MTV Staying Alive attracted star studded guests and a wide array of support from all, as intended, as deserved.