Oh the Humanity!

Ricky Gervais has raised more than $420,000 for charities through his 120-date Humanity tour.

The innovative scheme saw all platinum package tickets sold at market rates, guaranteeing the purchaser a premium seat at the market rate, with all extra profits going to charity.

The initiative was aimed to raise money for good causes whilst also beating ticket touts who, in recent years, have been known to mass-purchase tickets for popular events before reselling them to the public at highly inflated prices.

Gervais, who is outspoken on a variety of issues and known for his support of animal welfare charities, split more than £200,000 between the RSPCA and MacMillan Cancer Support in the UK, with charities in the US and Canada also benefiting.

Speaking of the scheme, Gervais said “It’s such a perfect scheme as I can donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to worthy causes close to my heart knowing that I’ve denied scummy touts of that cash.”. He has also confirmed that he will bring this fundraising initiative into his future tours.

We think this is a really kind, simple and great approach to fundraising. It’s a win-win for everyone. Charities benefit, fans benefit and the act gets to choose causes that are close to their hearts and make a difference!

Bitcoin donors

We seem to be in the midst of an existential crisis when it comes to our giving, bound up in a lot of ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ questions around our support.

The sector has been rocked by a wide range of issues, aired largely in the full gaze of the mainstream media which in turn has rocked public confidence.

Charities across the board are searching for ways to hold on to supporters, generate consistent income and show how donor money is being spent.

With a media focus on accountability dictating the public narrative at this time, it’s easy to forget that individuals making gestures is still at the core of charity giving and what keeps charities alive. It’s as simple as helping someone in need or who is less fortunate than you.

It’s Monday, so here is a really inspiring story of someone who, with terrific resources at their disposal, did something that will change lives for the better – an anonymous Bitcoin donor who gave millions away to charities.

We can’t all give millions to charities but we can all do our bit – support a charity when you can!