As November became December, we had our first real cold snap of winter and those shorter days suddenly seemed much more apparent. Coupled with Christmas lights twinkling up and down the country, the sense of festive frivolity has certainly started to take hold. It’s a magical time of the year and what makes it extra special in my eyes is the amazing food we share.

Let’s be honest, the festive season is synonymous with over-indulgence and the impact of this is something to worry about the day after. For most, this results in slight and temporary discomfort, but for those with bowel conditions such as Bowel Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and IBS, Christmas can be a plaguing time, with sufferers often feeling left isolated and alone.

To shine a light on what it’s like for the 340,000+ individuals coping with these chronic conditions, leading authority Bowel & Cancer Research have teamed up with expert nutritionist Lily Soutter to offer tips and tricks that will help the wider community to create a festive environment that everyone can enjoy whilst also keeping our gut health in optimum condition…

In addition, Bowel & Cancer Research are calling upon well-known and aspiring foodies to create alternative dishes for those with bowel conditions, using ingredients that are friendly to the digestive system and yet offer wholesome, delicious and fun foods, perfect for the party season.

As many as 40% of people within the UK have at least one digestive symptom at any one time. Fortunately, this campaign explores 10 simple things to consider that will be a gift for your gut this Christmas.

You can check out the top 10 tips here.


Sam Meegan