Yesterday saw one of the most powerful and striking charity campaign stunts that we’ve ever witnessed. ‘Project 84’ is a campaign launched by charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), and draws attention to male suicide, with 84 males dying by suicide every week in the UK.

The stunt saw 84 sculptures of men stood on the edge of the ITV building on the South Bank, fully dressed, looking entirely lifelike. Each sculpture represents a man who, statistically, will take his own life this week.

The power of the images is immense and has picked up coverage across the world.

Suicide is an issue that impacts families in an utterly devastating way. Like so many health conditions, especially those related to mental health, it is misunderstood and often shied away from. It’s time that changed and we all started talking openly about our mental and physical health.

Project 84 has such a profound message and this stunt delivers it in a truly blunt way – this kind of message needs to be blunt and the execution is incredible.


Sam Meegan