Through our Thought Leadership offering we support charities in all aspects of strategic innovation. Client’s exact needs vary greatly, however most support requirements fall into three areas:

Strategic consultancy
We work closely with organisations of all sizes, consulting on approaches to fundraising, engagement, brand and messaging. This work includes internal and external-facing projects.

Supporter engagement
Working with your team and stakeholders, we develop new /improve your existing supporter recruitment, retention and engagement methods.

Income generation
We work with lots of different clients on a wide range of income generation initiatives and as such we get first-hand experience of what’s working for clients at this moment. We work with your team to develop new, sustainable income generation methods that can be used year-on-year.

We achieve both supporter engagement and income generation targets by working through tasks which help us understanding your supporters and how they want to engage with your brand.

If you’d like to discuss strategic innovation with us, please get in touch.